Glutaral& Deciquam Solution


Main Ingredients
Glutaral, Deciquam.

The product is colorless to pale yellow clarify liquid, with irritating special smell.

Pharmacological Effects
Disinfectant. Glutaraldehyde is aldehyde disinfectants, can kill bacteria propagules and spores, fungi, virus. Deciquam is double long chain cationic surfactant, its quaternary ammonium cation can actively attract negatively charged bacteria and virus, and cover its surface, hinder bacterial metabolism, leading to changes in membrane permeability, synergistic glutaraldehyde more easily into the internal of bacteria and virus , destruction of protein and enzyme activity, to achieve rapid and efficient disinfection.

Used for disinfection on farms, public places, equipment, equipment and eggs, etc.

Fit for the disinfect of sow delivery room and herd,for its advantages:high efficiency,broad antimicrobial spectrum,well osmosis,low stimulation,safe and clean.

Usage & Dosage
Calculated in this product. Diluted with water in a certain proportion before using. Spraying: conventional environmental disinfection, at 1: 2000-4000 dilution; environment disinfection when the disease occurs, at 1: 500-1000; soaking: equipment, equipment and other disinfection, at 1: 1500-3000.

Adverse Reactions
According to the recommended dose, no adverse reactions were found.

It is banned in combination with anionic surfactants.

Each 100ml contains Glutaral 5g and Deciquam 5g

Package Specification
1000ml / bottle 

Sealed, stored in the shade.

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