Main Ingredients
Iodine (3%), phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, etc.

Product Features

This product is a high concentration iodic agent with the available content of iodine of 3%. It possesses the abilities to kill the pathogens thoroughly through two diverse actions, alteration of alkalinity acidity of water body in a short time by using the strong acidity of phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid and halogenation of proteins of virus, bacteria, spore and mould by using the powerful permeability of iodine. Moreover, it is also useful to wound due to its converging action.

1. Special fish including snakehead fish, mandarin fish, yellow catfish and California perch: hemorrhage disease, rot disease, nocardiasis, red-head disease, fish bellied disease, etc.
2. Prawn: viral diseases and bacterial disease including empty gut and stomach, white feces disease, red body disease, etc.
3. Soft-shelled turtle: red neck disease, skin fester disease, caverned disease, etc.
4. Frog: septicemia, wry head disease, etc.

Usage and Dosage
Dilute 3000-5000 fold with the original pond water and splash into the entire pond evenly.
One bottle (1000 milliliters) is recommended to use in 6-10 mu·meter.

To achieve the best application effect when used for treatment, please combined use with Kangnong + Changyanning + Qiangganling + Auvita or Changyanning + Enrofloxacin Soluble Powder + QIANGGANLING + Stable Vitamin C every day for 3-5 days.


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