Breeding Environment Treatment Agent
Multi-purpose Alkaline Cleaning Agent


Main Ingredients
Anionic Surfactants, Nonionic Surfactants, Builders, etc.

For farm ground, smallpox, walls, metal fence, appliances, transport vehicles and other places and equipment cleaning. Its unique foaming ability can penetrate the stubborn organic dirt and break it, destroy the biofilm, expose the protected pathogenic microorganisms, improve the cleaning effect, strengthen the farm cleanliness, reduce hydropower and labor, save labor time and cost.

1. Versatility: Can be used to clean the farm floors, ceilings, walls, metal bar, appliances and transport vehicles and other venues and appliances, etc.
2. Strong permeability: Permeate into stubborn organic dirt, destroy the biofilm, exposure the protected pathogenic microorganisms, to improve the cleaning effect.
3. Efficient cleaning: Assist disinfectant, strengthen cleaning effect.
4. Cost saving: Reduce the requirement of cleaning water and labor, saving time and costs.

Usage & Dosage
Sweep away the feces and other dirt before cleaning, pre-infiltration the ground, smallpox, walls, metal bars, appliances and transport vehicles for 10min with high pressure water gun. Dilute the product at a concentration of 1: 50-1: 100 and spray on the cleaning area with low-pressure, 250-500 ml / m2, so that the cleaning area or utensil is covered with foam, set for 15-20min, then rinse the foam with high pressure water.

Do not mix with acidic solutions, avoid directly contact with eyes and skin.

Package Specification
5kg / bottle 

Vertical storage, dark, sealed, stored in a cool and ventilated place. Do not traverse or rewind, so as avoid exudation and bottle expansion. Stacking no more than 5 layers.

Shelf Life
18 months

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