Perinatal Sow Nutritional Status and Nutrition Strategy

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The importance of perinatal period

The perinatal period of sow is from 7 days before delivery to 14 days after childbirth. It is a very special and critical period in the breeding cycle of sows, and has special influence. The performance of sows during this period will affect the final production level of the herd.

During perinatal period, sows suffer from different kinds of stress such as physiology, metabolism and management. Resulting in sow appetite decrease, lack of energy intake, low resistance, high incidence, affecting breeding quantity and quality. Causing swine breeding enterprises to suffer serious economy losses.

Therefore, paying attention to the perinatal nutritional status of sows and implementing scientific nutrition strategies are extremely important for improving the economic benefits of swine breeding enterprises.

Perinatal sows’ nutritional status

1. Blood and nutrition

Sows long-term lying during late pregnancy, which making the sow poor mentality and physical strength, muscle atrophy. At the same time, with the growthing of the fetus, the demand of blood and nutrition are increased. The blood and nutrition of sow are loss-making.In the birth process, sow loss amniotic fluid and piglets umbilical are cut, which making the loss of blood and nutrition of sow. It also consume a great deal of sow’s strength, resulting the sow postnatal weakness.

2. Intestinal activity is weak and constipation is common

When the sows approach the onset of labor, more energy is needed to meet the need for delivery, and the energy flowing to the intestine is relatively reduced, resulting in weaker intestinal activity. During the perinatal period, changes in hormonal levels, fetal volume growth, large amounts of pyruvic acid and lactic acid produced during childbirth, and abdominal decompression after childbirth can all result in digestive function decrease and abnormal peristalsis in the sows, leading to constipation.

3. Slow recovery of postpartum appetite

At pregnancy period, the stomach is squeezed by the uterus to become smaller and the intake of sow decrease. After childbirth, the stomach maintain its original state. Thus, it need to stimulate the appetite to increase feed intake.

Perinatal sow nutrition strategy

1.Reasonably arrange dietary feeding

During pregnancy, the sow’s body reserve can be optimized through straged feeding. One week before the sow is giving birth, it is necessary to increase or decrease the feed according to the sow’s condition and the development of the breasts.

2.Pay attention to supplement of immediate nutrition source and supplement of electrolyte.

1)Supplement nutrition that can increase the blood production and activate the organ function, such as copper glycine, glycine iron, etc.

2)Increase the vitamin B content in the diet because vitamins regulate energy and fat metabolism. Such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 and so on.

3)Supplement with organic calcium and organic iron to enhance immunity and enhance uterine contraction coordination.

3.Increase appetite and prevent constipation

Supplement nutrition that can improves digestive function and improves intestinal activity, such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall, Enterococcus faecium, etc.

Recommended solution

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Features: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, cupric glycine, zinc methionine, iron glycinate, cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Enterococcus faecium, Codonopsis, carrier (corn starch).

Advantages: Support healthy energy and improve immunity, enriching blood and benefiting qi(organ function), enhanced disease resistance, bowel detoxification, promote growth, stomach-invigorate, increase daily gain, protect liver and kidney, eliminate sub-health.

Benefits: Improve uterine vitality and shorten labor, recovery the feed intake of sows and improve weaning weight of piglets.


Mixed with feed. Use Moring for Swine from 7 days before delivery to 14 days after childbirth. 10g per sow per day.

Economy benefit: after using Moringa for Swine in perinatal period(21 days), piglets birth weight may growth 50g-100g. The larger the birth weight, the better health the piglets have. Which will bring better economic benefit in piglets breeding.

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